DAO Creator
At AnyDAO, we are super excited for the future of this space and especially keen to see what great ideas come from DAO creators. We wish to facilitate the building of an ecosystem of DAOs to further popularize the concept of decentralization and broaden access to Web3 innovations with you all.
AnyDAO also supports existing DAOs, allowing communities to migrate to our indexed and easy-to-use platform for effective DAO management. From there, new users will be able to find new DAOs to support and be a part of and define their own identity as being a cross-section of multiple DAOs. Community support and smart contract oversight will also be a means of deterring malicious actors who will be flagged by the system for potential abuse.
Our dream is to be the place for all things DAO by providing new and existing DAOs with quality smart contracts to connect their communities and grow their ideas.
Anyone can create a landing page for a DAO after connecting wallet. But only those pages with signatures by the treasury owners of DAOs as the 'real DAO'. A DAO creator is known as the admin of a DAO, typically is one of the owners of the DAO treasury. He/she can represent a DAO and update links of a DAO, launch bounties, donation, NFT minting and everything related to DAO's growth.
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