Introduction to AnyDAO
AnyDAO is a Web3 allowing anyone to launch, monitor, govern, donate and contribute to any DAO.
AnyDAO is an ecosystem for creating and managing DAOs, currently built on the Ethereum blockchain, where both new and existing DAOs can bridge their communities together and oversee the lifecycle of a DAO through Web3.

What does AnyDAO do?

AnyDAO lowers the entry barrier for DAOs while facilitating the ability to scale communities prolonging the lifecycle of DAOs. By utilizing Web3 DAOs are able to link their communities, create bounties, distribute airdrops, launch donation, and mint NFTs all while ensuring DAOs and community members the ability to contribute-to-earn.
AnyDAO supports the lifecycles of DAOs from creation and growth to maturity, ensuring that each step along the way can be facilitated with ease and automation powered by Web3 which reduces cumbersome manual tasks.

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