The first contribute-to-earn Web3 platform for DAO contributors to be awarded credential points while also being rewarded for DAO participation. The bridge for DAOs to engage with Web3 communities.

Mission of AnyDAO

Through building a DAO-as-a-Service platform, AnyDAO supports the permisionless transition for organizations from Web2 to Web3, reducing the technical barrier for anyone to launch a DAO and recruit contributors powered by contribute-to-earn mechanism.

DAO-as-a-Service, DaaS

In the Web2 ecosystem, loyalists have for long shared their involvement and admiration for companies across social media providing free marketing and value.

The DAO-as-a-Service helps facilitate the growth and development of DAOs by bridging DAOs with contributors through Contribute-to-Earn mechanisms. We provide DAOs the ability to scale communities while utilzing a credential oracle to better understand their community and partners. Contributors then are awarded credits for their participation within DAOs as well as rewarded for their support and development of the DAO. In the Web3 ecosystem and with contribute-to-earn this value is finally rewarded to DAO participants. With DAOs having the ability to create campaigns and tasks to engage both current and new members to help grow the community and share in the development of a DAO, those actors are immediately rewarded for their participation.

the Credential Oracle

The AnyDAO Credential Oracle allows DAOs to better manage and understand their members participation and contribution to the development of communities and the DAO as a whole.

While creating campaigns DAOs have the ability to set values of tasks for contributors to partake in, these values create an identity of the users overall value in the DAO. Over time a users credential oracle score will grow as they participate in more DAO activities, this score can then be utilized by DAOs to ensure they are rewarding the members that are bringing true value to the DAO with airdrops, NFT minting, donation offerings and many more features.

Donation, NFT Minting & Marketplace

  1. AnyDAO's smart contracts make Donation (a new method of token offering) and NFT minting safe and easy.

  2. The AnyDAO Marketplace is specialized in supporting DAOs with royalty flowing back to the DAO treasury, where all commission fees are shared by contributors.

  3. AnyDAO brings a growing community to new DAOs with efficient tokenomics to incentivize both DAO creators and contributors.

Contribute-to-Earn Ecosystem

AnyDAO seeks to develop a permsionless platform that bridges new and early stage DAOs with the growing Web3 community. AnyDAO provides the necessary foundation for Web3 community members to explore DAOs and the ability to contribute-to-earn. Utilization of the features by DAOs ensure contributors are fairly valued and rewarded both on-chain and off-chain through our Web2 to Web3 capture.

By building DAO communities with AnyDAO, DAOs receive access to tools that make growing and managing communities seemless. While the Web3 community members obtain access to new and early stage DAOs at a point where their participation and contribution is most needed. AnyDAO is building an all-around growth ecosystem of Contribute-to-Earn within DeFi, GameFi, NFT, DEX, X-to-Earn, and contributors, which means increased potential to serve DAOs and contributors in Web3.

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