Contribute-to-earn is a cornerstone in the AnyDAO ecosytem for both DAOs and community members. AnyDAO is emphasizing the transition of Web2 to Web3 behavior initially through social engagement to help DAOs grow and scale while also ensuring that DAO members and participants contributions are valued.

Blockchain projects and DAOs typically rely on early participants to help grow the community through simple tasks such as joining Telegram or Discord, follow and tag three friends on Twitter yet these Web2 behaviors while helping scale community, do not reward the participants for their added value.

AnyDAO provides automated features where DAOs can create simple Web2 tasks for community members to engage and participate in, which are converted into Web3 behaviors where their value is captured and rewarded by the DAOs and AnyDAO.

Through the creation of bounties and tasks, DAOs at the same time receive value through the AnyDAO ecosystem in the form of automated Whitelist curation capturing each users behavior which they can use for donation offerings, airdrops, token and NFT distribution and much more.

Web2 to Web3 capture for social engagement within the AnyDAO ecosystem is just the beginning of a larger ecosystem being built with many more supported features to be added over time, including Web3 identity, work-to-earn, vote-to-earn among other features.

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