Assist the Transition to Web3

As we stand on the precipice of a new generation of digital innovation known as Web 3.0, the AnyDAO development team understands its role as being an enabler of innovation. This enabling requires support in the process of transition from Web 2.0, where the majority of people and businesses exist, into Web 3.0, the next age of the Internet. AnyDAO does this through interoperability of customer-facing applications and by rewarding participation in Web 2.0 ecosystems on Web 3.0, encouraging new users to understand more about how to get involved in the Web 3.0 movement.

Before now, many things that would be considered as contributing to a DAO, such as retweeting, inviting new people, or helping a new member, happened on Web 2.0. Yet, despite these behaviors being critical to the growth of the DAO, they weren’t rewarded in the same way token holders were.

Part of the reason for this is in tracking these social actions across multiple platforms, determining their genuineness, and then quantifying the value added.

As an unbiased platform, AnyDAO provides tools for capturing these moments of value creation and gives creators a number of choices on how to reward contributors. This process of tracking, determining, and rewarding leverages decentralized technologies and ensures data security and privacy.

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