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Start to build your Web3 community through automated social behavioral contribute-to-earn tasks

AnyDAO understands the great lengths it takes for both new and early DAOs to grow a community that is active and willing to participate and stay engaged throughout the stages of a DAO's development. AnyDAO brings not only a DAO's current community together, but also new Web3 DAO contributors and participants. In order to do this, AnyDAO provides automated Web2 to Web3 growth mechanisms including bounties, airdrops, NFT minting and donation offerings which allow DAOs to award points to users as well as rewards based on value, contribution and participation.

AnyDAO DAO profiles provide

  • A place to link all of your communities together including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.

  • Transparency by linking and verifying basic wallet informaiton including Treasury Wallet Address, Multi-Sig Authentication, Assets, Transactions etc.

  • Token transparency identifying relevant information: Contract address, Blockchain, Total Supply, etc.

  • A list of all the contributors of the DAOs community as it grows through development.

  • Ongoing and past DAO activities for contributors to participate in.

  • A place for new DAO members to DYOR.

Build your DAO Profile

  1. Navigate to "Connect Wallet" on the top menu.

  2. Connect Wallet.

  3. Click the Add Symbol (+) on the left hand side of the menu and upload a logo and name of your DAO.

  4. Add a banner for your DAO page and a brief description of your DAOs purpose.

  5. Link any social media accounts you would like associated with your DAO, pay close attention to the formatting for the links provided.

  6. Input all relevant Contract, NFT and Treasury wallet addresses (treasury wallet does not need to be the wallet connected to the AnyDAO profile, and multi-sig wallets can be verified on the DAO page after launch.)

  7. Select all the necessary categories in which the DAO is associated with.

  8. Preview & Save

AnyDAO's DAO Features

Now that your AnyDAO DAO profile is complete you are ready to start exploring all the features that the platform has to offer to engage with both your current members as well as scale your Web3 community. Depending on the stage and development of the DAO,AnyDAOs features help along each step of the way.

Let's take a quick look and then you can jump to each particular feature to get a indepth understanding of how to utilize each:

AnyDAOs bounty tasks allow DAOs to quickly build social behavioral task campaigns for contributors to participate in. These campaigns help DAOs understand the value of contirbutors first by setting point values which are attributed to contributors upon completion, as well as rewarding the contributors for their participation. AnyDAOs automated bots supports Web2 to Web3 capture for Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Voting and DAO referal campaigns, with many more applicaitons in the near future.

Airdrops are a great opportunity to reward and onboard new community members to DAOs. AnyDAO simplifies this process for distribution, first by allowing currated whitelists through Web3 bounty tasks campaigns to specifically target interested community members. Additionlly DAOs can import their own whitelists seamlessly to fairly distrubte the airdrops together.

AnyDAOs donation offering campaigns allow DAOs to raise funds with their community and contributors allowing them the opportunity to donate in return for governance tokens. AnyDAO additionally provides DAOs with the ability to set the token release schedule across a one time, staged or linear release ensuring that the good and health of the DAO and treaury are always kept in mind. Important to note to both DAOs and the contributors, that all donations are automatically distributed in to the treasury wallet.

NFT Minting:

On AnyDAO, our mass NFT minting can be used as unique identifiers for contributing members or sold to fund the treasury while also providing the potetential for additional utility such as voting rights, permissions, among other possiblities based on governance and organization. Similar to donation offerings if NFTs are used to raise DAO treasury funds, all the donations are automatically distributed into the treasury wallet.

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