Token Infos

Name: AnyDAO Token

Symbol: MANY

Token Contract Address:0x8E94F5AAF8fF6f33B2E43fC1DCa8CF3a6683ADcb (BNB Chain)

Total Circulation: 1,000,000,000

Treasury Wallet: bnb:0x7118A73881f7D59b54E691b7091F50a0d92de096


1. To incent holders trading, the smart contracts give Trading Rewards to both buyers and sellers according to their trading volume of DAO token vouchers and NFTs.

2. AnyDAO’s Treasury has commission fees come in from the Marketplace, and contributors share all the fees. With token released from the Airdrop, LP Mining, Contribute-to-earn and Trading Rewards, contributors can stake their tokens to share the incomes of the Treasury.

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