Deploy a Airdrop

Airdrops are a great opportunity to reward and onboard new community members to DAOs. AnyDAO simplifies this process for distribution, first by allowing currated whitelists through our Web3 bounty campaigns to specifically target interested community members. Additionlly DAOs can import their own whitelists seamlessly to fairly distrubte to multiple communities at the same time.

To launch a airdrop:

  1. Go to Launch DAO, Airdrop

  2. Proceed to follow the quick and easy step-by-step set up.

Set-up Notes

  1. The DAO treasury profile wallet address is set as default automatically, all funds raised will automatically be deposited to the treasury wallet.

  2. Set the issuance conversion, e.g. 1 BNB = 500 DAO tokens

  3. The token distribution wallet is set as the DAO profile wallet by default, the amount of tokens to be distributed through the campaign must be allocated in the wallet. e.g. Goal of 100 BNB = 50,000 DAO tokens must be in the wallet.

  4. Select the vesting model: One-time, Daily Linear or Staged Release

For any additional questions on setup or to partner further with the AnyDAO platform for support feel free to reach out to the AnyDAO team directly as well at

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