Explore & Join DAO

The AnyDAO Explore page is built for optimal DAO exploration and particpation and catered to contributors interests. Broken into four initial DAO participation and contribution sections, “Hot DAOs”, “Recommended DAOs to Follow”, “Popular Donations” and “Top Bounties”.

Hot DAOs:

“Hot DAOs” lists the newest DAOs whom have joined the AnyDAO ecosystem with a fast growing community. This provides a great opporunity to join a DAO at an early stage and become one of the core contributors and help shape the foundation of the DAO and the community.

The “Recommended DAOs to Follow” is continuously currated throughout time as a contributor participates in more activities in the AnyDAO ecosystem. Participation in particular types of DAOs eg., Socialfi, Investment, Metaverse, etc. will be recommended per a contribtuors interests.

Popluar Donations:

“Popular Donations” highlights DAOs that are actively raising treasury funds where contributors can donate by contributing ETH or BNB for DAO vested tokens, or mint DAO NFTs. This provides a great opportunity to back DAOs that a contributor is very passionate about as well as providing often early access to DAO projects in the first stages of their development.

Top Bounties:

"Top Bounties” are current DAO communities that are utilizing growth activation tasks that are going on within the AnyDAO ecoystem. These provide the easiest way to join, learn, earn and DYOR within DAOs. Bounties are seemless contribute-to-earn and often permissionless social behavior tasks that are created by DAOs with token or NFT rewards for simple but important tasks in growing a community such as following on Twitter, referring a friend to the Telegram group, etc.

Popula NFTs:

"Popular NFTs" showcase DAOs that currently or will soon to have a minting collection which in which members can participate in. The purpose of the mint is set by the DAO and could be for fundraising, access, utility, colleciton, among many other use cases. One thing is for sure though that NFTs within DAOs definitly provide inclusiveness and bring community members together to share and build together.

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