Contributor First

Facilitating the growth and development of DAOs requires an understanding of what is value creation and what goes into determining success or failure. AnyDAO believes that the real driving force behind a DAO’s success or failure is the strength and conviction of the contributors who commit their time and effort.

True DAOs should be organizations in which individual contributors feel empowered in their ability to influence the developmental direction of the DAO. The AnyDAO development team believes decision making should be a collective action and that by focusing on providing the best platform for contributors, they will be equipped with the tools to build successful DAOs.

Looking back at experiments such as PeopleDAO, we can see that it is often not the founding creator that drives growth, but it is the Contributors who promote it wherever possible. In these instances, even if a DAO is declared ‘dead’ and the associated token price drops dramatically, it can still be revived.

Contributors are the core drivers of DAOs, and AnyDAO recognizes their integral value.

‘Contributor’ is a collective term for various types of individuals such as members, followers, token holders, and tutors. Although each person may contribute in a different manner, when these contributions are fully respected and valued, they will keep coming back time and again.

AnyDAO will actively seek to attract Contributors as they are the primary driving force behind DAO development and growth. The principle of ‘Contributor first’ will greatly benefit individuals and the DAOs that inspire them.

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