Contributor Service

Start to be awarded and rewarded for your participation

AnyDAO aims to ensure that contributors in DAOs are awarded and rewarded for their participations. From a simple tasks such as following a DAO account on Twitter to voting on a governance proposal these types of valuable behaviors should be awarded and rewarded to community members as contributors.

AnyDAO contributors profiles provide

  • Your AnyDAO userID represented by your MetaMask wallet address.

  • Acts as your dashboard for managing all of your current and ongoing DAO Participation including: DAOs followed, bounties, airdrops, NFTs, and donations.

  • Allows you to easily and quickly be awarded and rewarded for any and all participation.

  • Allows DAOs and community members to match with you based on similar interests and participations.

  • Addtional features will be added throughout the development of the platform and our future partnerships.

Build your AnyDAO Profile

  1. Navigate to "Connect Wallet" on the top menu.

  2. Connect Wallet

My Wallet

Lists all of your assets currently associated with your AnyDAO MetaMask wallet.


The dashboard is the main hub to follow, track, and claim among many other functions for all of your DAO participation in the AnyDAO platform.

To see how to utilize the Dashboard jump NOW.


Under your wallet address settings tab you are able to add your personal avatar as well as link and verify any of your social media profiles. This helps you to create a unique account and let other contributors and DAOs connect with you and share similar interests.

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