Prolong the Lifecycle of DAOs

Over the past few years, the great flood of new crypto and NFT projects has resulted in an over-saturation of the market and led many industry insiders to determine the success or failure of something based on short-term token price movements or floor price and the trading volume for NFTs. Given the complexity of building a business from scratch in an emerging industry, innovators often face the risk of being labeled a ‘scam’ or ‘rug pull’ if their product doesn’t receive high levels of acceptance by the market or if expectations do not live up to the hype.

AnyDAO sees this short-sightedness as being a major hindrance to innovation and believes that through adding more assurances and opportunities to show transparency from projects, that their lifecycle will, in turn, be extended. The process of generating value as an organization can often be a long and complicated road; AnyDAO wants to assist any DAO in pursuing its own objectives and define success according to its own metrics.

To address this, AnyDAO intends to provide a Web 3.0 ‘no stack’ set of tools that are a combination of smart contracts and Web 2.0 tools that go beyond the cookie-cutter creation tools offered by other platforms.

Through this, AnyDAO allows for more versatility in DAO creation and management, supporting all organizations throughout each stage of their development.

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